About New Block Marketing.

We are Maryland's premier digital marketing agency, dedicated on growing businesses through online marketing. We handle customer acquisition for clients both local to us here in Glen Burnie, Maryland, and all other clients nationwide. Let us focus on the internet stuff to bring you more customers so you can focus on what you do best.

Who we are.

New Block Marketing currently is a one man operation, operated by Adam Allard. The term "we" used throughout the site refers to the company name, New Block Marketing LLC, the owner, Adam Allard, and any and all independent contractors that contribute to the work produced by New Block Marketing. As "we" continue to grow, we will be looking to add more permanent team members. Will you be the next one to join us?



Customer Acquisition

At the end of the day, our primary goal is to help you get new customers at the lowest possible rate. We don't just take your money and throw all of it in some cookie-cutter ad structure, hoping you land a couple more clients. We take the time to analyze each and every business separately, creating specific marketing plans to effectively and efficiently generate new clients in the best possible way for your bottom line.

Social Media Marketing

Our core focus is social media. We specialize in helping businesses establish an engaging relationship with their audience online. We are trained in setting up targeted social media marketing campaigns, tracking your current customers and retargeting interested prospects.

Search Engine

Search Engine Optimization and Marketing are vital pieces to any effective marketing strategy in 2019. The game has changed and Google is penalizing websites that don't play by the rules. We help ensure your websites are optimized to be favored by all the top search engines, ensure your customers will easily find you on the web.

Content Management

We focus on creating, publishing, and distributing content for your audience. Anyone can write content, but we strive at creating quality content, ensuring your customers are getting the best value from your business to continuously earn theirs.

How we work.

1 We start out with a discussion about you, your company, and your goals. We want to understand your business model and your customers, what you believe is working well, and what can be improved.

2 Next, We begin analyzing your online presence and researching your competition to provide you with a free, in-depth look at where you are against your competitors and where you can improve.

3 Finally, we begin to plan out your marketing strategy. Depending on your specific needs, we create a 1-3 month roadmap of your entire marketing strategy, detailing what milestones we will hit by what deadlines.